Tuesday, Nov. 26th 2019 (20.00-21.15) by Valentino (single dancers, all level)
Theme: “I am Tango!”  Individual technique to train my non-verbal Tango language
Thursday, Nov. 28th 2019 (19.00-20.15) by Camille (Intermediate, Advanced)
Theme:Connection, Parada, Footbites“  More than the standard repertoire (Part 1)
Tuesday, Dec. 3rd 2019 (20.00-21.15) by Valentino (all levels, leaders only!)
Theme: „Leaders only“  Technique, presence and roles out of a leaders perspective – let’s share our experiences!
Thursday, Dec. 5th 2019 (19.00-20.15) by Camille (Intermediate, Advanced)
Theme: „Entradas y Sacadas“  A bit more than the standard repertoire (Part 2)
Tuesday, Dec. 10th 2019 (20.00-21.15) by Valentino (couples of all levels)
Theme: „Stay for 3 minutes in reality”  Build up and maintain your conversation in the couple during the full length of your favourite song!
Thursday, Dec. 12th 2019 (19.00-20.15) by Camille (Intermediate, Advanced)
Theme: „linear & circular colgadas“  A bit more than the standard repertoire (Part 3)
Tuesday, Dec. 17th 2019 (ab 20.00) 
TANZKINO: „Le Grand Bal“ (on donation, without inscription!)
Location: LA PERLA, Cueva de Tango, Gerechtigkeitsgasse 17, 3011 Bern
Inscription: valeandcami@yahoo.com (max. 5 couples / workshop)
Teachers: Camille Maire Yannantuono (englisch) & Valentino Sorpresi (deutsch)
Dance Levels:
Beginners (1-2 years of experience)
Intermediate (2-4 years of experience)
Advanced (4+ years of expreience)

Prices: Lesson: Fr. 30.- / person